Problem with chinese track version (tk102b)

sirsiniestro6 years ago

hello, this is my first time using traccar server.

i cant configure my tracker properly because i dont know what protocol use, i bought a tk102b on aliexpress.

log file show this:

2016-03-24 11:33:02 DEBUG: [4008930D: 5023 < X.X.X.X] HEX: 283032373034343037303839344252303031363033323441333935302e313135395330373331332e32353032573030302e32313433333030302e3030303030303030303030304c303030303030303029

i tested my server with an android device without problem.
so i think maybe this chinese version is not supported.

sorry for my bad english, im still learning.

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

It's TK103 protocol. Port 5002 in Traccar.

sirsiniestro6 years ago

thanks, with that configuration i can track my device now.