Samsung S2 dont get any "Position Updates"

Ma year ago


im using a few old Samsung Galaxy S2 for Traccar ( One with StockROM, 2 others with different custom rom's ). But on all devices i dont get any "Position Updates" only "Service started" and "Network online" nothing else....
I use sometimes as well the Client on my new OnePlus 3T and there is no problems.
Could it be, that the internal GPS device of the S2's are too old? Ive checked almost each setting, but the App dont get any GPS datas from device.
I also checked the Troubleshooting Guide ( )
If i remeber right, 2 years ago the S2 was running with this App, maybe the newer Versions of this App is not running anymore with "older" devices....Unfortunately theres no way to download previous Versions of the App...
Im realy appreciative for any ideas or help!

Peter Nagela year ago

I have the same Problem with my Samsung Galaxy S5 (LineageOS, Android 7.1) and Shiftphone 5 (ShiftOS, Android 8.0).
With other Devices everything is running fine.

Peter Nagela year ago

... forgot to say that I'm using traccar client version 5.20 with location accuracy high.

Peter Nagela year ago

I just installed traccar client version 5.14 on my Shiftphone which is working fine now.