Search and Rescue (Missing Person Search Operations)

pjdohertygis a year ago

Hello - I know of a few Search and Rescue Teams looking for a solution like this that is a bit more "open" and interoperable.

Can you point me to any similar examples where teams might be using Traccar for Radio and Cell Phone tracking?

Anton Tananaev a year ago

I know that there are quite a few similar use cases where people use cell phones for tracking, but I haven't heard about any radio options.

imarinkovic 9 months ago

Maybe SARTrack is what you want, using APRS for radio location...

For cell phones...just Traccar AFAIK

pjdohertygis 9 months ago

SARTrack is a great application for tracking does not have an API or allow for export / live feed unfortunately. I would like to bring data into other applications like MapSAR Online / ArcGIS Desktop for situational awareness.

Anton Tananaev 9 months ago

You can export data from Traccar, if that's what you are talking about.

pjdohertygis 9 months ago

Anton - Yes I did see that Traccar is interoperable and exports data. I wish that SARTrack (another application / platform designed for GPS radio tracking) had the same capability. Thank you for the great work on Traccar.