Sending GPRS Commands to Meitrack MVT340

argm.uy7 years ago

Hi, i'm trying to send gprs commands to a meitrack mvt340 tracker.
I have the next issue, when i send ie (to set time interval): @@V27,861074027388027,A12,3003 the tracker not responding me.
But when i send @@V27,861074027388027,A12,6
D6 the tracker response $$V28,861074027388027,A12,OK*03 and write this settings.
I've checked that the problem is de number of digits in the time value.
When time < 10 it works everytime. When time >= 10 doesn't work.
I've checked the checksum and that seems to be ok.
The same problem occurs when iḿ trying to set speed limit alarm.

Have anybody some idea?
Many thanks!

Anton Tananaev7 years ago

Well, I think there is a problem with message format. Length of the message seems to be incorrect.

argm.uy7 years ago

Thanks! It was the problem.

A Didit M6 years ago

Hi how to fix?