Server + Device setup

raji8 years ago

Apologies for posting this relatively simple question - I skimmed through the forums and docs but could not find a clear cut answer.

I have an enduro pro gps tracker ( currently being tracked by another company. I want to track it using traccar as it should be supported - GL200 using the @Tracker air protocol.

On the quick start pages ( it mentions register the device using the IMEI.


  1. How does the server/tracker know how to talk to the device just using the IMEI, doesn't there need to be some sort of SMS/Gateway to set things up initially then all communication is done via data/internet?

  2. I presume by registering the device with traccar, I would loose the tracking by the other company as there can only be 1 server - that is unless I switch the SIM card?


raji8 years ago

sorry spotted this from the quick start page

"Configure your device to use appropriate address and port (see section below)"

Makes more sense now. Any pointers on how to do this as I bought the device off someone and there was no s/w with it.

Anton Tananaev8 years ago
  1. Yes, you need to set up server address and port. You need to find a manual for your device of just try to google commands format.

  2. Usually devices support only one server, but some GPS trackers can send to two or even more. So, it depends on the device.