SMPP session channel unexpectedly closed

Mayuri Gavali10 months ago

When I send SERVER commands to device I get response but in my log file I am getting

WARN "SMPP session channel unexpectedly closed"
Enquire link failed, executing reconnect:  - Channel was closed after sending request, but before receiving response - SmppChannelException (... < EnquireLinkTask:43 < ...)

So that the device status shows offline.
Please Help

dagobar10 months ago


Have you set in traccar config the receiving number ?

<entry key='sms.smpp.sourceAddress'>+0071234567</entry>

Have you set on your SMSC server the SMPP account for traccar in transceiver mode or only send ?
tranceiver mode = send+receive

Is your SMSC server routing correctly the return SMS to the correct SMPP account of traccar ?