Starcomsystems Helios Tracker

Yasir5 years ago

Dear All , I am looking for Helios Devices protocol, Anyone can help us for protocol or integration with out software ?


TrackerBr5 years ago

Hi Anton, how are you?

I helped Andi and now he can access his device via cable to exchange ip and port.

I'm counting on the contribution of Andi and Yasir and believe they want to use the helios in the trailing as well as US, which is integrated in the traction.

could check the theme as we had talked about earlier.

I believe that what you have is enough for integration.


Xhoineo2 years ago

hello TrackerBr,
can you please share the protocol documentation with me?

Kind Regards

MaxPlanov2 years ago

Hello everyone, maybe someone knows or understands how to connect Helios (StarComSystem) to Traccar, maybe there is documentation on the protocol? My mail: [removed]