Suggestion for Traccar

Filip443 months ago

I have some suggestions for traccar. Which would make the work of others much easier. And they would be more universal.

  1. Adding an application to the Wearos system that will allow you to track the GPS transmitter from the watch. In the sense that we open the application and have the default map set, e.g. Google Hybrid, and we see where transmitter A is located, and we see where we are. This would be really helpful, when I go outside, I usually only take a watch with LTE. Additionally, at the top of the map there would be written the distance from the watch to the GPS, and when you move the screen to the right, there is a list with all GPSs and if you select another GPS, it simply changes to another GPS on the map and currently we are tracking another GPS.

If such a proposal is bad and would not be implemented, I can buy such an application from some programmer, which I would be very willing to do.

Anton Tananaev3 months ago