Sunoo D10

Eric7 years ago

I bought one of these because it's really small so will fit on my Harley Sportster and get a view of the sky. The manual says to use a web system on, which seems to be a frequently used platform for gps tracking and vehicle management, but the language is difficult to understand and the server seems to be in China, which isn't the most reliable place to reach on the Internet from the UK.

This thing also seems to be called the "K10", and various other names.

This is a picture of it:

Sunoo D10

Here is some blurb:

Does anyone here know if it's equivalent to one of the trackers that Traccar already supports? I would be very grateful.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to narrow it down.

Anton Tananaev7 years ago

You can try ports from the following page:

Eric7 years ago

Many thanks, Anton, I'll do that.