Sunweb GT005 Motorcycle Tracker

mikkee7 years ago

Recently tried this low cost tracker on newly installed Traccar server.

I'm am periodically getting hex:

which translates to:

I presume this is h02 protocol so I used port 5013, but I am not getting "Unknown device" or location data.

Has anybody tried this model before?


Anton Tananaev7 years ago

It is H02 protocol. The problem is that your device doesn't send any GPS data.

Does your device have GPS module? I know some cheap devices have only GSM.

If it has, maybe it just hasn't got a GPS fix yet.

mikkee7 years ago

I ended up opening the case and sure you are right, there is no GPS module inside, only the Mediatek prcessor, sim card holder and a bunch of small surface mount parts.

I guess I will have to look for other models.


Anton Tananaev7 years ago

I plan to add LBS locations to Traccar at some point, but the accuracy of the device's location won't be as good as ones with GPS modules.

jovannivictoria6 years ago

Hi Anton,

I'm having the same trouble, is Traccar v3.4 compatible with this protocol and LBS?


Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Traccar supports H02 protocol, but it doesn't support LBS-only message for this particular protocol.

jovannivictoria6 years ago

Ok. Thanks for your reply.


stobbie6 years ago

I have a GT005 here as well.
I can't find the commands for setting server and polling intervall.
Do you have a list of commands?