Support for SAR-mini?

sct146758 years ago

i have a GSM/GPS tracker SAR-mini-FAM ( ), I also received a description of the GPRS protocol used.
How do I find out, if this is already supported in Traccar?

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sct146758 years ago

btw, the protocol looks like this:
gsn:IMEI, the server will establish a connection according to IMEI.

Set the parameters success/ failure

Real time data:
Date:01/12/10 //dd/mm/yy
time:13:25:35 //hh:mm:ss
lat :22.641724 //
lot :114.023666 //
speed:000.1 //speed
degrees:281.6 //degree
flag:14 // SOS Alarm state: see form1-2

Heartbeat,CSQ:0-31; sta:GPS signal,A means it has GPS signal,V means no GPS signal

Anton Tananaev8 years ago

It is already supported. In Traccar it's called EV603 protocol (port 5015).

siljair6 years ago

I have been trying to use some chinese GPS tracker EV-603 (it uses a Ublox6 chip, the SMS commands format is: Axxxxxx,command,parameter). However, despite trying the ports as per the list of supported devices ( nothing shows up in the server log.
I only get information when i configure the tracker to port 5009 and on that case i get this:

2017-10-08 19:27:55 DEBUG: [D11F3CF5: 5009 <] HEX: 0f0000004e52303947303534393300

After decoding, the HEX means NR09G05493, which i assume is the device ID (the IMEI is actually 414523039473035).

Thank you in advance.

siljair6 years ago

This is the complete message:

2017-10-08 19:59:27 DEBUG: [D11F3CF5: 5009 <] HEX: 0f0000004e52303947303534393300
2017-10-08 19:59:27  WARN: [D11F3CF5] error - IndexOutOfBoundsException (... < MeiligaoProtocolDecoder:390 < ExtendedObjectDecoder:58 < ...)
Anton Tananaev6 years ago

@silijair, first of all why are you asking on this unrelated thread? If you want to ask something please create a new one.

As for your device, it looks like Noran protocol.

siljair6 years ago

Hi Anton, thanks for the prompt reply. Actually, I've used this thread after looking for "EV-603" on the entire site and since this was the only thread containing it, I thought it could be more useful to keep it here.
After changing the port to 5053 (for Noran protocol), I have a similar server log detail:

2017-10-08 23:56:08 DEBUG: [C21383A8: 5053 <] HEX: 0f0000004e52303947303534393300
2017-10-08 23:56:08 DEBUG: [C21383A8: 5053 >] HEX: 0d0a2a4b57000d000080010d0a

However at the server the tracker now appears normally as Online with correct coordinates - Thank you very much!

pestw20005 years ago

Back to the topic: @sct14675- how did you find out how to change the server address of your SaR-mini? The original docu withholds this information since they want you to pay for their own service.