Telegram notification not working

HJvD4 years ago

Made a setup to test notifications with Telegram. So I made a notification tos send a message to mail and Telegram at the same time. Mail works fine, Telegram: no message. Looked in the log and fond this: "Telegram API error - HTTP 404 Not Found - NotFoundException (...)"

My rules in the config file (traccar.xml) are:

<entry key='notificator.types'>web,mail,telegram</entry>
<entry key='notificator.telegram.key'>8xxxxxxxx7:Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxc</entry>
<entry key='notificator.Telegram.chatid'>7xxxxxxx5</entry>

Tested Telegram with another program (Domoticz) and sending notifications from this program is working fine.

What can I do to make it work?

Sumit Bajoria4 years ago

Change the entry key='notificator.Telegram.chatid to <entry key='notificator.telegram.chatId'>7xxxxxxx5</entry>

Note the case.

HJvD4 years ago

Yeah, it is working with the right line for the entry key! Many thanks!

Change thing is that, in the notification text in Telegram, only the name of the device, name of the geofence, date and time are displayed. In the mail notification the gps-point of leaving the geofence was displayed as well. Any reason why this is not in Telegram?