TK102B roaming

tomas6 years ago

I would like to ask, I have TK102B which works fine in my country. My father took it to abroad but it does not send any data. Roaming is activated, but I ask hit to put it into mobile phone. But while he done it, checked connection by
netstat -natp and it shows, that connection are Established

tcp        0      0 XXXXX:5001       XXXXXX:38015       ESTABLISHED 3762/java

also in traccar log I see

2016-06-25 11:34:35  INFO: [FB9B3232] connected
2016-06-25 11:34:55  INFO: [EEBA935C] timed out       (I have set connection timeout for gps103.resetDelay to 200)

Do you think, that it is roaming setting or GPS device needs to be restarted?. I also enabled on IPv4 on server, because in netstat there was tcp6...

Do anybody has any experience with tracker roaming?

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

If the IP address is v6, it means it's not device. Devices don't usually support ipv6. Looks like your device just doesn't connect to the server. Not sure why it can be.

tomas6 years ago

Thank you. I am just doing another experiment, I have changed tracker to send data on my local computer running wireshark and I see, that data are comming but getting mainly tcp retransmission after gps send packet with syn flag.

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Does it send any data, or just creates a TCP connection?