TK206 OBDII How to setup computed attributes? IGNITION,RPM,ODOMETER etc.? Will donate for help!

Kevin4 years ago

Hello guys,
I'm using tk206 OBDII GPS TRACKER via gt06 protocol on traccar server.
I want to know how can I setup it so it shows odometer speed,ignition status,rpm,odometer and other info provided by OBDII port on Audi A4 2008.
What shall I put in "expression" table on computed attributes? Examples shown on are not precise and no rpm is shown on that support post.

Where can I find "expression" list?

I need some more info, or should I ask tk206 manufacturer for that?

This is my LOG for today - I tried on 2 cars

I will donate to community again just help me.

Kevin4 years ago
Anton Tananaev4 years ago

Are you sure your device reports OBD data? I only see regular GPS messages.