Tracar Notifier - Push notifications for Pushover and Telegram, with support for add-ons

Fmstrat4 months ago

Traccar is an amazing app, and since the dev (rightfully so) doesn't want to include certain notification systems, I thought I'd build a companion app to support some of the notification types I use and I see others requesting.

Traccar Notifier is a node app/docker container to enable push notifications from Traccar to multple platforms.

Currently supported platforms:

  • Pushover
  • Telegram

It's pretty straight forward to use, just add the forwarding setup to traccar.xml:

    <entry key="event.forward.enable">true</entry>
    <entry key='event.forward.url'>http://traccar-notifier:3080/api/v1</entry>

And then edit the config.yml for Tracar Notifier:

  enabled: true
  user: fdfa903af04gjdfkadsf93fafjfie9
  token: kafaaf9390efaffslepea09dsf9fkf

  enabled: true
  chat_id: 999999999
  token: 999999999:Afifefaadoieoaaa_aefFEFFDfjadfkaeee

Full setup instructions, including how to get a Telegram Bot if you so choose can be found at:

Fmstrat4 months ago

P.S. If anyone has a request for another notifier, just let me know.