Watch Protocol (Wonlex GW100)

Richard Acosta3 months ago

Hello again.
I'm trying to take the most out of these watches, but i'm finding some limitations.
I guess it may be because there's a lot of watches around and/or this is not fully supported, so I would like to know a bit more.

I'm trying with some common commands (generic commands already on traccar) and none works.
I've tried with custom commands, and some work. (mostly those that don't need something sent to a phone) sending hearts and shuting it down, but the command to locate the wath does not work. (it makes it ring until you push the button)
The syntax is always the same, so it can't be from my part, it must be that server doesn't have it implemented.

Is there any documentation particularly about this protocol implementation on traccar? Is there any place where I can find a bit more?

Anton Tananaev3 months ago

Have you checked here?

Richard Acosta3 months ago

Yes, thank you Anton, I started to fiddle around after writing and found a couple docs there, will read and back.