Web GUI: 404 - Not Found from one day to another

Roland2 years ago

Hallo yes it is the the folder I mounted with /opt/traccar/conf

Felix Bühler2 years ago

Same problem as for me. Stop traccar, remove the default.xml in your folder mount and then remove the folder mount in the docker settings. Then create a file mount (NOT folder mount) for docker/traccar/traccar/conf/traccar.xml (adapt this path to your setup) to /opt/traccar/conf/traccar.xml.

It's not correct to have a default.xml in the conf folder. It always comes with the docker container.

Roland2 years ago

Hallo Felix, yes now it seems to work.

But maybe it shoud in another Post.
All my user token are gone an when I try to set up a token in the user setup there is a big red error message.

VGEa year ago

Hi Felix, the conf folder also contains the traccar.xml file. Should this be a file mount aswell?

Felix Bühlera year ago

yes, the traccar.xml should be a file mount with the individual settings.