What's the correct protocoll for this tracker?

blickbox6 years ago

When i use "entry key='tk103.enable" I receive the following with a sniffer:

23 23 2c 69 6d 65 69 3a 33 35 39 37 31 30 30 34 37 32 37 32 30 37 36 2c 41 3b


But it doesn't log to database and log file only says the same as above:

2016-04-07 15:08:59 DEBUG: [5002 <-] - HEX: 23232c696d65693a3335393731303034373237323037362c413b

When i change port to xexun2, which should be the correct (GPS identified as Xexun TK103-2 by http://id.wialon.net/ ), I only get a bunch of TCP retransmission data and no useful info in the packet sniffer.

Anyone know what protocol is the correct?

Also, am I right in assuming that port number does not matter, i can set it to whatever I want in the config. Like

<entry key='tk103.enable'>true</entry> <entry key='tk103.port'>5002</entry>

Reason I ask is because a lot of posts here refers to port number ("you need to use port xxx"), not protocol name... I thought name/entry-key was the important...

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

What version of Traccar are you using. "enable" config flag has been removed a long time ago.

Your device is using GPS103 protocol, so correct port is 5001. Please also read following page:


blickbox6 years ago

Thank you, i finally got it to work.

Where do I check version? I have v2.xxx i think. I don't use the webserver - I use traccar to log to my own database. Is there reason to upgrade in my case? Is the newer version as flexible as the old (able to config SQL queries/config?)

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

There are many bug fixes and improvements in new versions.

Newer versions are as flexible as the old ones in terms of configuration.