wifi or bluetooth based events

maltea year ago

Is it possible to use e.g. my home wifi to trigger a location update of my android phone?

Currently I have settings on high accuracy and update every 15 min or 500m.
The thing is I want to use traccar for presence detection, so I want it to tell my home-assistant setup weather I'm home or not. Me leaving or coming home will trigger certain events, say turn on the light.
Now the problem with fixed time and distance in location updates is, that you can/will be unlucky and have to wait the maximum of your update iterval, because the last update occcured just before you entered your home zone.

As a 'fix' you could increase your home zone, but then you will need to make it >500m(update distance) in radius, meaning it will be gigantic, leading to a system that thinks you are home, even tough you are not.

The last resort is, you decrease you update distance. Now this will drain your battery once you are on the move, and usually you need it most if you are on the move.

A solution would be, if I could configure traccar client in such way, that it automatically updates its location upon entering my home wifi, regardless of when it has reported last time. This would lead to instant presence detection and hopefully be kind to the battery.