XT-007G not being showed on the web app

Hey everyone!

I bought an XT-007G on the internet, and it sends data to the server I set.
I tried on a random port and I got this HEX:


which decodes into this:

STX863977032110152 c$GPRMC,120548.00,V,,,,,,,280606,,,N*76,732,11,9DD1,5DC6,15,93,0000,000000,0000,0.00,0.00,0.00,Timer;41

It looks like megastek protocol, so I put it in port 5024 but I get no location on the web app.

Any clues?


Anton Tananaev4 years ago

It is Megastek protocol, but there is no location in the message. Possibly device doesn't have a GPS fix.

Any clue for fixing it?
Thanks for your fast answer.

Anton Tananaev4 years ago

Remember that GPS need a clear sky visibility to work. If it's indoors or under some cover it won't work.

Oh, thank you so much. I was testing it in my house.
But that brings me to a new question: Where am I supposed to install it on my vehicle? I have a truck.

Anton Tananaev4 years ago

That's something you should consult about with device vendor. They should have some recommendations.

Kalle Kilpinen4 years ago

Best place to install GPS antenna under front mask ... device its self doesnt matter where it is. I have installed antennas under mask (sticker down-wards) and gps fix is very good.