davejh 2 years ago
<entry key="sms.smpp.enable">true</entry>
<entry key=""></entry>
<entry key="sms.smpp.port">1775</entry>
<entry key="sms.smpp.username">mysmsglobalusername</entry>
<entry key="sms.smpp.password">mysmsglobalpass</entry>
<entry key="sms.smpp.notificationsCharset">GSM</entry>
<entry key="sms.smpp.notificationsDataCoding">0</entry>
<entry key="sms.smpp.sourceAddress">+441234567890</entry>

Just the same as sean has pasted. Obviously I have changed the sms global username, password and phone number.

Are you trying to enter your login user and pass into traccar.xml. Because that wont work. Smsglobal issue you with a different user and pass to enter into traccar.xml. When you login go to