2G/GPRS ATT Shutting Down.

skialta6 years ago

Hi I saw your post about the Xirgo. I've been playing with this device, and I have it talking to my server just fine, but the device is capable of much more. Have you been able to get more data from the device to populate into your server, for example, DTC codes and other info?

I sent a command to my devices to immediately report their position to the server, but for whatever reason, the Traccar service doesn't capture it, it's only when the device reports in on its own.


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darreno6 years ago

Not only is 2G shutting down in the US but here in Canada too. Bell and Telus have shut down and only Rogers has 2G service.

We bought 3G tracking units with Telit Modems, nice units, cheap and not made in China. We had units travel from Canada to Mexico no problems at all, switching from Rogers, to AT&T, to T-Mobile and TelMex.

alexthefifth6 years ago

darreno, can you let us know which Telit tracker you are using and where you purchased from?

darreno6 years ago

Where are you located Alex?

NA or EU?

I got tired of Chinese made units, quality, don't work consistently, don't work in winter weather, the one good thing I discovered was Anton's site. Pair Traccar with good quality trackers and it's a win, win, situation.

I can tell you what unit you should look at. The ones we have tested run on Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries for extremely long times. For 1 location a day you can easily get 5 years.

Here is a image of the units with and without covers.

Covers off
GPS Trackers

alexthefifth6 years ago

Hi darreno -- I am in Canada and need coverage in Canada+US. 2G is being discontinued so they need to support 3G. Can you recommend any makes/models? I have access to a power source so battery life isn't too big of a concern, but a nice to have :)

darreno6 years ago

I am using Eseye SIMs on the ATT and T-Mobile networks. We had same issue with LTE and ATT SIMs.

darreno6 years ago

I am in Canada too. Where are you located?

alexthefifth6 years ago

We are in Toronto. Do you sell trackers yourself? Or do you have someone that you buy from that you can recommend?

darreno6 years ago

I am in Toronto too. I source 3G trackers, SIMs, batteries and bundle them with Traccar for SME companies, fishing companies, boat companies, ATV clubs, trucking companies, EllisDon, Loss prevention specialists. You can reach me, 647-285-9169.
I worked in GPS based systems in the military and radio networks for 20+ years.

Packetloss6 years ago
I am in Toronto too. I source 3G trackers,

can you please post some links to the tracker devices you use with 3G?

darreno6 years ago

Hi @Packetloss,

Here is a dropbox link for the 3G Trackers we have tested in Canada, USA, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Holland and soon to be Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

We also tested different batteries and have chosen Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries for cold weather and hot weather. The batteries will operate -55C to +65C and are still operating for 1 year.

We also have chosen a Global SIM company and these trackers work in 140 countries so far. You can reach me for direct questions at darren.mark.olson(@)gmail.com if you wish


mandylee6 years ago

My company is OEM/ODM for 3G GPS Tracker.

GT06E 3G GPS Tracker Multifunctional Tracking Device

Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the GT06E can help you track anything, be it your car, children, or a prized possession, all in real time. http://www.jimilab.com/products/gt06e-3g-multi-functional-gps-tracker.html

GV20 Vehicle 3G GPS Tracker is a fully-featured, highly competitive and cost effective 3G GPS tracker developed for vehicle, motor and bus tracking.


alexthefifth6 years ago

mandylee, which version do we need for use with our own Traccar server? "First year use" or "Lifetime use"?

Mictrack5 years ago


if test the 4G GPS Tracker MT600-A in US/Canada, you have to setup the APN first and then it will work fine.
Call your sim card provider to get the correct APN info.

If need help please email us info@mictrack.com