2G/GPRS ATT Shutting Down.

fmoses7 years ago

With the 2G/GPRS GSM network shutting down here in the USA in the next year or so on ATT what are some good replacement options for hardware based devices. I have a fleet of about 10-15 devices so far and don't want to keep ordering the TK103's type devices if they are going to go tits up in a year or two.


Anton Tananaev7 years ago

Your topic got into spam folder for some reason. Sorry about that.

Can you please provide some proof links for information about shutting down 2G in USA.

vanguardit7 years ago

any updates on his question?

fmoses6 years ago



I just ordered https://www.particle.io/cellular with the GPS Shield... Going to see about getting it to post to traccar server using the OsmAnd protocol...

I wonder how to send other telemetry via OsmAnd protocol like battery level, signal and such like the smart phone apps due..

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

I know there are some devices that can work over 3G network. Maybe even some newer versions of TK103. If not TK103, there must be some other alternatives with same functionality.

Quick search on Aliexpress shown number of options. For example TLT-7B.

fmoses6 years ago

Yea the TLT-7B only supports 900/2100mhz which isn't used here in the US.

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Doesn't T-Mobile use 2100MHz?

There is also Queclink GV300W which supports 3G.

I'm sure there are more options available.

fmoses6 years ago

Tmobile does have 2100mhz but about 3/4's of the that spectrum has been refarmed to LTE modulation and they moved UTMS to 1900PCS that will be the 3g only band with the rest of there allocations being all LTE based... ATT will have two 3g bands when refarming/sunset is done, 850/1900 will be 3G UTMS bands.. Tmobile will only have one UTMS Band at 1900.

I will try and order a GV300W to get some testing in on that as well along with the particle gps kit i ordered here as well. I did build up 2 little trackers with a cheap android phone, usb battery pack and small case. http://imgur.com/1HlVY0h Going to add those to the fleet for the bike events this summer along with all the other ones. My worry is signal levels with the phone based ones... Throwing up on the dash of the supply trucks should be fine but the nice thing about the other trackers is the external antennas. Have small mag mount puc style combo GSM/GPS antennas and pop it on the roof for the weekend and no worry about gps signal or GSM signal. The bike rides go outside of the cities alot so signal does get weak to not at all and having the external antenna helps alot.

I will make another post about osmand and feeding custom telemetry. As well as a feature request for the android/ios apps suppling gsm signal/sat signal along with battery level.. I know the android app does battery level now..

As always thanks for all the hard work with the software.

landted6 years ago

thank you for traccar and unselfishly making it FOSS... amazing.

fmoses- i really like the idea of cheapo android devices

macgyver some 12v-usb charger-moto e? (20$)
waterproof enclosure- maybe open up and attach an external antenna as needed...

6$monthly ting (sprint network) + minimal data fees

your thoughts :)

viacom12346 years ago

That $6 ting plan is $9 a month with data. I guess there is no good alternative to H2O wireless on 3g networks at all..

I cannot find where to by the GV300W tracker too.

ryanjc6 years ago

So my device is not working anymore, I'm using a GPS303B, so with 2G shutting down does that mean my device is useless now?

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Yes, if your device is 2G-only and there are no 2G networks in your area, then it's basically useless.

ryanjc6 years ago

Damn thanks!

To others any suggestions for a 3G compatible device?

Will this work well it seems pretty shoddy: 1 or 2 or 3

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

I've hidden those massive unreadable links in your comment. Note that if it has 3G in the name, it doesn't necessarily mean that it works on 3G network. First one looks suspicious because it just says "Support 2G/3G/4G SIM card", but nothing about the actual modem in the device.

fmoses6 years ago

I picked up some MicTrack MT600-A units... They worked on December 31st... But are not working now. I can SMS the units but they are failing auth according to my ATT control panel... I have emailed the vendor to see if there is a command or something to enable 3G/LTE mode on these units like they claim they are.