Add a zoomToAllDevices button

JLS GPS10 months ago

Who can help with adding "zoom to all devices" button on the web app.

Or maybe give me some basic instructions on how it is done. I do not know extjs at all.

Anton Tananaev10 months ago

If you are interested in professional services, please contact sales or support.

JLS GPS10 months ago

I was looking for the community to help me with doing it.

I have the following 3 requests from my users ( I see the same requests multiple times here in the forums).
The reason why they requested it is because I have given the following app for them to download, and in that app all these 3 options exist.

1) A button to zoom back to all devices.
2) Have the address of the device next to each device.
2) A button to toggle the map from google with traffic to google without traffic. Or other maps.