Adding extra parameter in OsmAnd (Android Client App)

jaimzj4 years ago

Dear Anton,

In the OsmAnd Protocol, this is the url format I see in the documentation{0}&lon={1}&timestamp={2}&hdop={3}&altitude={4}&speed={5}

Now, Is it possible that I can add another paramter to the url such as lets take for example.

&destination={6} (This value will be set by user on the app front) before starting service.

And also store it Into the database by making changes in Configuration file on server? or would this require modification of server and client app both.

Over all what I am trying to achieve is, to add additional parameters from the client app (which the user will configure/set) before running the app and once they enable the app status to on. these values will go along with the protocol itself.

Anton Tananaev4 years ago

It would require some simple server side changes in OsmAnd protocol decoder.