Android Client App Stops PayPal App

JJ Andersona year ago


I have a user who has said that whilst running the Traccar app (downloaded from play store. NOT the invisible version), they are not able to use their PayPal app to receive payments. Essentially the device (Sony Experia - G8441 - Android 8.0) could not connect to the PayPal card reader over Bluetooth whilst the app is running.

The user closed the Traccar app and then the phone connected straight away to the card reader.

Has anyone come across this behavior or provide any guidance?

Anton Tananaeva year ago

That's nonsense. It must be a coincidence.

JJ Andersona year ago

I will replicate and video and forward. User will bring in Card reader tomorrow...

As a Mobile Telco, with relatively tech savvy internal users who are trialling the service, I need to validate and provide assurance that these are in fact device issues and not necessarily Traccar issues if we are to take on the service and provide to our customers.

The device itself was really troublesome to get up and running, and knowing all the Android variants, it would be good to simply understand what is going on...

But basically, it is as simple as:

  1. Open PayPal app and try to connect to card reader
  2. Connection fails
  3. Manually close Traccar App
  4. Open PayPal app and try to connect to card reader
  5. Connection Success

This was one a couple of times by the user. The reason why Traccar app was targeted in troubleshooting was that it was the last change on the device....

davejha year ago

I use the paypal card reader on a S9 with the traccar client reporting every 30 seconds without any issues at all.

Ernesto Vallejoa year ago

Check Stamina Mode, maybe both Paypal App and Traccar Client (and maybe some other apps combination as well) collide there.