Android Client (compatibility with server 3.1) and stability query

jaimzj4 years ago

Dear Anton,

As I am upgraded to server 3.1 version today.

I had couple of queries regarding the Android client (Current source in git-hub)

  1. Is the source codes' upto date or is still being made changes to.
  2. I understand that the protocol is now changed to webservices / http calls. (hence is 3.1 traccar server comaptible with this.)

  3. If I was to compile the current android client code, would you recommend to wait until any point of time for further changes, or is it okay to proceed with the client codes.

Anton Tananaev4 years ago
  1. I am still working on it and there will be some significant changes.

  2. All recent versions of Traccar server support new protocol. It's called OsmAnd (port 5055).

  3. It should work now, but there will be some more changes in attempt to improve battery usage.