Change speed unit in Traccar Server online

javier.barona6 years ago


I'm using the web interface for Traccar Service. It used to show the speed in Km/h, but now it's showing the speed in Knots. I read that traccar DB uses Kn to store speed, but it should be a way to show the speed in Km/h in the web interface. I've been looking if there is an option to change the speed units, but I haven't been able to find it.

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Adilson Perinei6 years ago

Go to settings / account / Attributes / + / Name = Speed Unit / Value = Km/h

javier.barona6 years ago

Thank you, that worked

Helped me too, thanks.

Paul Ajiborisha6 years ago

Also helped me, much appreciated

gabrielcz6 years ago

one more on the "helped list" TK

M. Najm6 years ago

Thanks Adilson, it helped me as well!

Julio Adrian T6 years ago

Thanks a lot, that helped me as well.

Scott Newberry6 years ago

Yep, your legend lives on, the people rejoice and revel in the streets, and my car now travels kilometer per hour.

Thanx , that helped me as well.

Alejandro Lara5 years ago

Muchas gracias lo voy a ensayar

Alejandro Lara5 years ago

Muchas gracias me funciono

Xiao Zhou5 years ago

It helps me as well! Thanks, Adilson!

Is it possible to set km/h as default for all the users include new users in future?

Anton Tananaev5 years ago

You can set server attribute.