Coban GPS105A

Kyeto6 years ago


I bought a Coban GPS105A
The product work with the GPS Server Tracker Home by the provider, but i want to use Traccar.

I try on port 5001 & 5002 but the result was not good.

Someone have this product and use Traccar ?

Thanks for your help

Anton Tananaev6 years ago
Kyeto6 years ago

Ok thank you, i will try this solution.

I keep update this post for the other


nattaphon6 years ago

hi I bought a Coban GPS105A too.

I try on port 5001 & 5002 no have result in database.

before i use GT06 , it is result all record in database

pls help me.

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

This might be helpful for diagnosing the issue:

nattaphon6 years ago

Thank you Anton.