Create custom command for Meitrack T1

Ernesto Vallejo6 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this. Please excuse me if I'm wrong.
I have a Meitrack T1 device which I want to send a C01 command via Custom Command.

SMS Example:

C01,Speed,ABCDE - Where each letter corresponds to an output port
0000,C01,,01100 - Sends a "Connect To Ground" Command (Open)
0000,C01,,00000 - Sends a "Open drain" Command (Close)

In the Meitrack T1 Protocol documentation says that this command can be sent vía GPRS, like this:

GPRS Example:


Is it possible to create a saved custom command for this?
If I'm heading the wrong direction, may someone guide me for this?

Thanks for your help.

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

I don't see why not.

Ernesto Vallejo6 years ago

Thanks for your short reply.

I just cannot find enough documentation to get hands on this. Quite of lost here.
How can I gather some more information that I can start with?


Anton Tananaev6 years ago

What information do you need? Just try it and see if it works.

Ernesto Vallejo6 years ago

Just like that?
GPRS Command includes: IMEI - Which I do not know how to reference it within the command.
Shall I write it like <IMEI> ? or $IMEI or something similar?

GRPS Command also includes a verification digit at the end (or so I think the "18" at the end of the example line refers).
How do I include it?

There's where I'm bit lost.


Ernesto Vallejo6 years ago

GPRS Command Syntax is:

@@[Data identifier][Data length],[IMEI],[Command type],[Command][*Checksum]\r\n

How do I write variables for a saved custom command ? Is it possible?

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

You can't use any variables. You can only have pre-defined command.