Efficiency Enhancement Suggestion - Sleep Mode

kwein4 years ago

Dear Anton,

I was wondering if there is a planned implementation of a functionality wherein the client stops querying location data if the accelerometer senses no movement for "n" amount of seconds, secondarily if the phone accelerator senses movement again the client continues querying location data.

I don't know if this functionality could save significant battery life, but it would certainly reduce redundant location data for the server.


Anton Tananaev4 years ago

It has been suggested before. The problem is that accelerometer uses battery power as well and it might be more efficient to use GPS if the frequency is not very high.

Anton Tananaev4 years ago

As for duplicate locations on the server side, you can enable filtering on the server to solve this problem.

jaimzj4 years ago

What I would like to suggest is another way around.. dont know how practical or logical it is but just a thought I had today when I took a train with my client app on. I realised travelling faster gave me less accurate route details

Hence a setting that allows (seperates fix frequency and update frequency)
Where update to server frequency is based on speed or other parameters (here i chose speed) mainly for route taken accuracy

  1. GPS Fix Frequency = A (Example : 5 seconds)
  2. GPS Fix Update to Server Frequency : If speed less than 5kmph (Frequency "X or say 60 seconds") If speed between 5 and 10 (Frequency "Y or say 30 seconds") and If Speed more than 10kmph (Frequency "Z or say 10 seconds")

Suggestions, corrections please do share :) This is just my thought...

Anton Tananaev4 years ago

It's possible to get location updates by distance as well. I plan to implement this feature at some point.

Luke4 years ago

Dear Anton,

many thanks for your effort and the support you gave. It is a great application and to share it with the community here on internet is even greater.

To whom this may concern:
For people which may have downloaded the standalone version and having same issue as I did (status on Android client -> send failed), use a portscanner to check if both ports 8082 and 5055 if you use an Android client are open on your local PC. If you use a router with firewall and in addition a software firewall check in both that those ports are open otherwise the portscanner will still telling you port(s) closed.
If you only open port 8082, the client will function but on the application screen itself you will not see any information.

regards, Luke