Enhancement Suggestion 3.1 server (Android client) Command support

jaimzj4 years ago

Dear Anton,

One thought, I am using Gt06n and you have enabled command option for (Tracking devices.)

Wouldn't it be a good idea to support Commands for (Mobile Clients as well.), if the protocol used supports.

Scenario's where it can help.

  • User with large number of mobile devices with client installed.
  • Scenario where frequency was set to low (lets say 1 per hour) and suddenly user wants to know his mobiles location more frequent (probably got stollen). In that case he can send a command change frequency etc.
Anton Tananaev4 years ago

Unfortunately new protocol used by Traccar Client is based on HTTP, so it doesn't support messaging from server to client.

jaimzj4 years ago

I believe this protocol responds back with an acknowledgement right?

Maybe in the near feature if Protocol permits, you can keep this is a possibility (Commands need not be real-time in this particular scenario).

Instead, Whenever the Location update is (Pushed by client to server) along with the acknowledgement if a flag is returned true that a command has been initiated. then the app can query another probably api to retrieve new configurations etc.

I am not a programmer, Still I am trying to implement something like this into the android client now :) just for R&D Purpose.

Anton Tananaev4 years ago

Yes, it should be possible to send something back with the acknowledgement message.