mcastillog5 years ago

Dear Anton,

In the log file I see the following

2016-12-06 11:30:55 DEBUG: [46020021: 5020 <] HEX: 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
2016-12-06 11:30:55  WARN: [46020021] error - For input string: "8$CMV001" - NumberFormatException (... < MeitrackFrameDecoder:37 < ...)
2016-12-06 11:30:55  INFO: [46020021] disconnected
2016-12-06 11:30:55  WARN: [46020021] error - For input string: "8$CMV001" - NumberFormatException (... < MeitrackFrameDecoder:37 < ... < MainEventHandler:103 < *:92 < ... < ExtendedObjectDecoder:52 < ...)

I try tracking a device imedtrack (MT80).

Best Regards.

Anton Tananaev5 years ago

It's definitely not Meitrack protocol. It looks somewhat similar to Megastek, but it won't work either. I guess it's not supported in Traccar yet. Do you have protocol documentation?

mcastillog5 years ago

Thanks for your answer.
I have only this

But this device does not appear in the list of devices supported by "megastek". i try in port 5024, but not work.


Anton Tananaev5 years ago

The document is for Megastek protocol, but the format doesn't match the data that your device sends.

I'm not sure if you read my comment properly. I said it looks somewhat similar, but it's not the same, so it won't work as it is.

iorgu1235 years ago

Any news please on that topic, last replay was in December, maybe I have some luck.
Have the same device, the log message is:


Tried 5024 with identifier 866224024150434 but no luck

Thank you

Anton Tananaev5 years ago

There are no news. I need up-to-date protocol documentation.