Extension of database history time

Raoula year ago


After a struggle of two weeks I managed to get the Traccar GPS platform completely running on my own server.
What a great program!!

Now I would like to save the data in my database for a longer period.
Could possibly anybody tell me how to change the database history time interval from -7 to another number of days?


Slaweka year ago

If you mean this way


Database history length is controlled by INTERVAL -7 DAY. In the example we remove values older than 7 days. Note that the cut-off time rounded to a date.

So if you want keep 100 days, - 7 change to -100

in config file


is also

<entry key='database.historyDays'>100</entry>

here change also

Anton Tananaeva year ago

By default data is stored forever.

Raoula year ago

Ok guys , thanks a lot!! Answers well appreciated!!