How fix large jumps in location in android phone

I just install traccar in place and everything works fine. To test this I installed traccar client on an android phone to follow it. After having done a distance I noticed that there is a large jump in location as you can see in the image below.

Jump location and normal way

Note that I am in an area where 4G is interrupted at times throughout my journey on the road, is this due to this?
How to troubleshoot location accuracy?

Anton Tananaev2 months ago

Your image link doesn't work.

Sorry the image link fix Jump location and normal way

Anton Tananaev2 months ago

What accuracy are you using?

I use the average precision

Anton Tananaev2 months ago

Then it's probably expected. From what I can see your location is not in a very populated area, so cell and wifi location will be pretty inaccurate.

Actually the area is not populated and the telephone network is rare, the wifi networks are almost non-existent. And if I use a GPS tracker device in a car, will this solve the accuracy problem encountered?

Anton Tananaev2 months ago

You can easily solve the problem by changing the accuracy in the app. I'm very confused by this conversation. You have a problem with accuracy, but you don't want to set the accuracy to high? I think you're not telling us some context here.

Rest assured that we speak the same language. I understood what you said, I will change to high precision to do a second test. I will get back to you after the test.

@Anton Tananaev
The test carried out with high precision is conclusive. This works well and there is no more jumps in location. Thanks for your help