How to limit the number of e-mail messages?

Adam2 months ago


When the car exceeds the speed, I receive a lot of emails. Is it possible to set an email limit? For example, 5 emails in an hour?
Today I received 70 e-mails within a dozen or so minutes.

Anton Tananaev2 months ago

You can use this configuration parameter to only send one notification per speeding:

Adam2 months ago

In what file should I enter it?

     * If true, the event is generated once at the beginning of overspeeding period.
    public static final ConfigKey<Boolean> EVENT_OVERSPEED_NOT_REPEAT = new ConfigKey<>(
Anton Tananaev2 months ago

It says in the comment.

Adam2 months ago

Should I add this in the config.xml file?

<entry key='event.overspeed.notRepeat'>true</entry>