How to use the simple map to display devices

davejh3 years ago

Curently when I browse to the simple map all I see is the map. Index.html. I guess I have to add something to the url. To display devices on the map. Anyone got any ideas? Also can this be used to display all devices in the database or just one. Thsnks

kaykor3 years ago

simple map:
hostip:8082/simple/ and it will display whatever the current/last logged in user has access too. I do not think it can be used without a logging in first to the platform. My usage I log in at login page and open another web page as simple map.

davejh3 years ago

That does not work for me. Just the map can be seen. No markers

Anton Tananaev3 years ago

Have you logged in?

davejh3 years ago

have it working now guys thanks