Mapping Teltonika FMB003 OBDII data attributes

mail2bishnoi4 months ago

Is there any way to map OBDII data to more user-friendly names?

For example
Traccar receiving below mentioned OBDII data
{priority=0 sat=13 event=0 ignition=true motion=true rssi=3 io200=0 gpsStatus=1 io30=0 io31=45 io32=71 io33=3 io35=49 io37=58 io38=26 io39=13 io50=99 pdop=1.3 }

io31 = Engine Load
io32 = Coolant Temp
io33 = Short Fuel Term
io37 = Vehicle Speed

How can I show these names instead of io31, io32, etc?

Anton Tananaev4 months ago

Use computed attributes. That's exactly what they are for.