Mictrack 4G GPS Tracker MT600 Feedback

CSS-Aus Admin3 months ago

Hi @Mictrack,
I have a MT500 (3G) unit purchased many years ago for a client. While it obviously well passed end-of-life I am trying to troubleshoot a current issue after the external power supply run low and the client has turned on an external charger that has thrown the unit into an unusual state. When I query it I am continuing to get the following error "LICENSE IS UNAUTHORIZED, PLEASE INPUT ACTIVE CODE" I believe that this would be fixed with a reboot, but I am 2000km's from this client and would like to do it remotely. Is there a command to either force restart to return to factory defaults?

Mictrack2 months ago

Hi Jayson,

Seem the device was ordered in 2016 :)
Anyway, our engineers have already contacted you and will check it.


Andreia month ago

Hello @Mictrack

I am looking for GPS tracker to install in my two electric scooters. Depending on successful will this project be, I am planning to buy more GPS trackers to install in my two cars, also in my bicycle. According to this page ( https://1nce.com/en/coverage/ ) my country mobile data providers support 2G, 3G and 4G. Which trackers should I buy today for my electric scooters in order to be technology proof for upcoming years?


Mictracka month ago

Hi Andrei,

if so the 4G hardwired GPS Tracker MT600 can use for the electric scooters.
Please contact us on our website.


Andreia month ago

Thanks, I navigated to your website and chose the WhatsApp method for reaching to you but it doesn't work. Please see the screenshot

Mictracka month ago

Fix it, please try again.

Chrisa month ago

I have installed the MT600 in a (non electrical) scooter a couple of years ago, and I am satisfied.
Only downside is the issue that one may leave the scooter at rest for a long time (months) which will demand a battery charging mechanism so your main battery doesn't drain. (not sure how problematic that could be for an electrical scooter, but mine has only a 12V 4Ah main battery)

When in my country (Netherlands), 2G was still operational, I did choose the 4G variant because for 2G there were no data-subscriptions at the telephone companies for your subscription. It was a good choice, because some providers have already decomissioned the 2G cell frequency in 2021. 250MB a month for a monthly subscription, is more than enough for the MT600 to give you frequent (automatically, each minute) GPS coördinates.