Mictrack 4G GPS Tracker MT600 Feedback

fcerecedoa year ago

thanks @alexthefifth, i am not sure that i am reseting correctly with USB, i think that , this need a update firmware.....

finally i could connect with a very old sim card in 3G with same carrier , right now i am desconcert that it doesnt work in 4g

j atilano10 months ago

que comando utilizar para el mt600 para corte de aceite por gprs desde traccar?

Mictrack10 months ago

@j atilano, MT600 no admite el envío de comandos GPRS a través del servidor, ahora solo admite comandos SMS.

Hans9 months ago

Hi guys!

I have the MT600 4G GPS Tracker, I am wondering what the messages mean you receive by SMS.

There are different codes in there:
DEF - ?
CLP - Car Battery Low Power?
BLP - Battery Backup Low Power?
SMS - Short Message Service
GPS - Geo Position Service

Can anyone explain what the DEF code means?

Thanks guys!

Raoul9 months ago

DEF means: Cut power alarm.
On Internet you can find: "Communication Protocol for MT600 Plus V1.0" with the whole listing of abbreviations

Mictrack9 months ago

Hi Hans,

The report event info as follow:

SMS: 666 command
CALL: Phone positioning
SOS: SOS alarm
OS: Exit Geo-fence alarm
RS: Enter Geo-fence alarm
DEF: Cut power alarm
TOWED: Towed alarm
HT:High Temperature alert
BLP:Backup battery low voltage
CLP:Car Battery low voltage

You can get the detail from the protocol (page 3) : https://www.mictrack.com/downloads/protocols/Mictrack_HSPA&GPRS_Communication_Protocol_V3.2.pdf


Raoul8 months ago

I have another long remaining problem with my MT 600 Plus. Mictrack did till now not give any solution for that. It is related to the calling direction between my mobile phone and the MT 600: A telephone call from MT600 to my mobile phone works fine, the other way around does not work. When I call the MT600 from my mobile phone my call is forwarded by the MT600 to the voice mail box of the SIM card number.
Do you already know a possible solution for that?

Mictrack8 months ago

Hi Raoul,

Feedback problems we have confirmed with engineers, the initial suspicion is due to differences in the communication module batch, which may lead to sub-problems, but we have not yet received feedback from other customers.

In addition, due to the shortage of chips, the production of MT600 Plus may be discontinued in the future and will be resumed when the supply of chips is normal.


ris2t8 months ago


https://www.mictrack.com/downloads/user-manual/4g-gps-tracker/MT600_User_Manual_V3.0.pdf - would appreciate a little more details around the LED indicators, particular GPS signal.

Green GPS - this always seems to be off and rarely flashes. When does it flash to indicate a GPS signal is found. I have problems getting a good GPS track. Is it every 60 seconds, or only when it feels like checking. Will it predicatively flash if I ask for a SMS location, i.e. try and get a GPS position.

SYS blue light - manual says "quick flash" working normal mode. However I notice two speeds of flashing. One is slow, and then a faster one after a GPS green light some times. Is there two modes? How can I tell when the unit is missing a GPS signal.

General feedback. Excellent little units. Good construction and the external antenna is a bonus for those weaker signal areas. Gullies, building shadows.

No GPS location - would be nice if the units reported NO GPS location rather than 0'00'00"N, 0'00'00'E locations.
CLP - these alarms false quite a bit. I have a permanent car battery link (new battery) and on starts I periodically get these CLP alarms. I suspect there is drain blip and the units are sensitive to a low voltage dip rather than a measured actual low voltage.

Would be nice if AGPS was supported. Get more garage and weak signal area tracking.

Anton Tananaev8 months ago

Are there still GPS modules that don't support AGPS?

ris2t8 months ago

"GPS modules that don't support A-GPS" - excellent point. Although isn't it related also to the carrier/cell chipset?

I do have GPRS disable as run SMS only mode. Budget cellphone plan with limited data. I'll have to experiment to see if that is blocking any A-GPS capabilities, in which case it'' be a trade off. Although it would be nice to run the units SMS mode only with A-GPS and not the monthly data plan costs (low budget applications).

Mictrack8 months ago

Thanks for your feedback, for the MT600 LED Status, the detail as follow:

  1. GPS Green LED: if ACC is ON and GPS unavailable it will always flash, if ACC is OFF and it will only flash when the report interval time arrives, the 666 commands also work like this.

  2. SYS blue light - ACC ON will quickly flash and ACC OFF will flash slowly.

  3. The hardware support AGPS but we remote is on firmware.

by the way, the MT600 was released in 2016 and as the standard product we have no plan to add some other functions in the future because we have changed to Low power CAT M1 & NB-IoT tracking solutions. :)


ris2t8 months ago

"we have changed to Low power CAT M1 & NB-IoT" - good to know, thanks.

Gill6 months ago

Hi, old post I have same issue. Did you figure out what the issue? I Have MT600A and sms works but no data to the server. Tried with Tello sim and T-Mobile

Raoul6 months ago

Hi Gill,
I am very happy with my MT600 E Plus.
Unfortunately it is not possible to send data messages and all commands have to be sent per SMS. But I do hardly use the SMS function and do everything via the Traccar menu.
For SOS, door alarm and temperature limit I use a calculated attribute: sos ? "sos" : (temp1 < 3.3 ? "tempalarm" : (door == 0 ? "unlock" : null))
Via the Traccar menu I only switch the E-mail notifications on or off.