New Changes Device Identifier & Flavor Hidden clarrification

jaimzj4 years ago

Dear Anton,

Noticed the changes, and curious to know more.

  1. The Device Identifier in new code is randomly generated number and not imie? why so?

  2. And The app (Hidden option) Is compatible for all versions of android?

  3. Foreground service removed?

Anton Tananaev4 years ago
  1. The main reason is that to get IMEI number I need special permissions. That kind of permissions also allow to make call which can be suspicions from the user point of view. Are there any benefits of using IMEI instead of randomly generated id?

  2. Yes, it should be.

  3. It's not removed. I found a way to hide notification, so it's always running in foreground mode now.

jaimzj4 years ago
  1. That's a good point out there related to permission.

The benefit is for users who have large scale deployment of this app, where they do not have to then worry about recollecting which ID belongs to who, as they obviously have IMIE of devices mapped to users the device is allocated to.

I havent tested it, but random generated ID/Number will also change if re-installed. However IMIE to a large extent will remain same (until and unless the devices is not rooted and changed).

  1. Perfect :)

  2. Perfect :)

Anton Tananaev4 years ago

If you reinstall the app, a new ID would be generated, but you can always put your own custom ID or even IMEI manually.

I guess there is some valid point about large scale deployments, but I think advantage of not asking for extra permissions outweighs that.

jaimzj4 years ago

Dear Anton,

I have deployment on large scale' where I have single Traccar Server with few hundred android client deployed.

Now, I was thinking it would be a good idea, to also list (latest unknown device ID's) also on the default web-front or in any other way you might think appropriate.

Probably just storing/displaying last 1 hours unknown device list.

This will help (Administrators/Installers) to Install and get the device Identifiers, specially in-cases where the user uninstalls the app, or re-installs etc.

do you feel this would be a potential feature that would make any sense or have any use?

Anton Tananaev4 years ago

It can be easily done by a simple script. On Linux or Mac you can do something like this:

tail -1000 tracker-server.log | grep "Unknown device"
jaimzj4 years ago

Perfect thanks Anton, Will Create a script on my application :)
thanks for the help, You are a star !!!

It worked for me, Now am able to display (unknown devices on my web app).