New user - Send location to Traccar demo server via OSMand app on Android

Hi everyone,
Followed all instructions on web and forum but still unable to make the success.

  • Firstly, in OSMand app on my Android device, I put in this address:{0}&lon={1}&timestamp={2}&hdop={3}&altitude={4}&speed={5}
    (with IMEI is replaced by my true IMEI)
  • Next, on my computer, I browse to , login with my account (which can't be logged in on Traccar Manage App), add new device with the name is BlackBerry and the ID is my IMEI
  • Then I turn on online tracking feature in OSMand app. That's all I can do!
    Is there anything wrong? Please help and explain how I can figure whether problem is from my device of from the server or somewhere else? Thank for your time!!
Anton Tananaeva year ago

Follow troubleshooting guide. As for Traccar Manager app, you are probably trying to login into the wrong server.

thank for your reply!! Read the troubleshooting guide step-by-step and I've solve my problem. Btw, I've forgotten my password for server demo2, how can I get my account back?

Anton Tananaeva year ago

I can reset your password. Send email to support.