Optimum settings for performance and battery usage

jason diesela year ago

I have checked the forums and docs, and not found the correct answer to the best client settings. I am trying to get accurate data and not consume a whole lot of battery at the same time.

Location accuracy - set to high, need to have the necessary detail.

Frequency - How often the client should check in with the server...? 30 minutes... 10 minutes... it is just a check, should not be that often. Should just be a setting that you are happy to know the client is alive, 10 mins should be just fine.

Distance - If you have traveled this far, then start to check in... if that number is say 300m, then does it only check in every 300m, or once 300m has been traveled, then it checks in more frequently? Is this only the initial check in....?

Angle - if this is set to 90 degrees, do you have to travel 300m first then 90 deg, or can you turn 90 deg before you reach 300m, then it considers you moving. Can you turn this off? Is that setting it to zero? If this is 0, then is it correct to assume that you never know you have turned a corner, you just check in again at the "frequency" or "distance" interval above, and note the new position?

Am I wasting my time to investigate why the Traccar client is consuming roughly 20% + of the device's battery each day, more than most other apps?

Anton Tananaeva year ago

If you want to optimize for battery usage, don't set distance and angle. Those parameters require location to be always on.

jason diesela year ago

And then frequency, what should that be set to, as if too high, then it takes too long to discover that an asset has moved?

Any chance of these being server configurable items in the future?