Sending device commands to Atlanta device (LC-100, Protocol: l100), not getting any response on the web application, but able to see the response in the logs

Uday2 months ago

Device Model: Atlanta LC-100
Protocol: l100
Command: $MSG,VERSION<6906>&

We are receiving logs below of the command sent and the response for the Atlanta devices.

2024-02-05 07:10:09  INFO: [T1f682811: l100 >] 244d53472c56455253494f4e3c363930363e26
2024-02-05 07:10:16  INFO: [T1f682811: l100 <] 243836333232313034353432313134342c41544c5f392e352e375f4c455f312e375f464c524e580a4d4332354d425230314130370a4d4332355f517565634f70656e5f4753355f53444b5f56312e325f424554413131323941261a

We didn't get any response on the web application. When we tried sending device commands to Teltonika and Concox devices, we got a response on the web application. It is difficult to acknowledge whether the device is updated with the command or not.

How to fix this?

Anton Tananaev2 months ago

That's probably because we don't support responses for this protocol yet. Do you have the protocol documentation?

Uday2 months ago

Hi Anton....thanks for the quick response.

Traccar already supports the device model LC-100 (via l100 protocol). We can track the device/vehicle in Traccar without any issue. The issue we have is with the Device Commands. When we send the device command, the device can receive it and also respond to the command. But we don't see the response on the Traccar Web App. As you notice in the previous message, I have shared the log information from Traccar. The first line is the command sent to the device and the second line is the device's response.

I am sending you the protocol document and also the device manual which has device commands (page 10, section 8).

Protocol document
Device manual

Anton Tananaev2 months ago

Your device response with this to the command:


I don't see anything in the documentation that would explain this format. It seems like it's not documented.

Uday2 months ago

Hi Anton,

The response is just a text message and no further processing is required. It would be great if that text response can be displayed in the Traccar web application.

We are not facing a similar issue for the Teltonika and Concox devices when we send device commands. The responses are displayed in the web application.

Anton Tananaev2 months ago

The format needs to be documented.