Speed divided by 2

EGMATICSa month ago


I'm using your traccar mobile app, but i've an issue with speed, actually my vehicle move with speed 80 km/h, but on the other hand speed fired in my dashboard 40 km/h (divided by 2) so what's the reason for that?

How can i overcome on this this issue? i think the traccar send speed data divided by 2, Plus i tested traccar app with two different fleet dashbaord, the same issue considered.

Can you help me, please? Right now, i couldn't do any configuration in my database server while receving data from traccar.


EGMATICSa month ago

ohh... i think i got it, after searching about this issue in other threads, noticed that speed data received from the traccar in Knot so this is the main reason for that?

How can i change the unit in the traccar? Do i need to configure it from my end?


Anton Tananaeva month ago

Are you sure dashboard is showing "km/h" and not "knots"?

EGMATICSa month ago

yeah, in our specific dashboard fired in "km/h" not "knot".

Just note, that's in our dashboard, not traccar dashboard.

Anton Tananaeva month ago

What do you get from the API?