Standalone libraries

Laytlas4 months ago

Hi folks, I just discovered traccar and it looks awesome!

For context, I'm doing an app for parents to track their children.

A couple of questions here:

  1. It's not quite about traccar, but you probably have a bit experience in different badges & devices for tracking. Do you know some kind of a badge under $30 with a long-living battery?
  2. Suppose I picked a device X. It's not quite clear how to integrate it with a traccar server. Are there any guides anywhere? Should it come with the device itself?
  3. You have a great client app, however, I would like to integrate it into my app. Is there a way you provide simply a library for coordinates tracking?
Anton Tananaev4 months ago

2) What do you mean by integrate? Do you mean implement support if it's not supported? Or just configure it?

3) We don't provide it as a library, but the source code is open, so you can potentially copy some relevant parts.

Laytlas4 months ago

2) I meant configuring
3) Well, definitely, but the less work one need to do, the more chances it would be integrated :)
4) I see that to submit positions it uses a traccar POST API, but I wasn't able to find its documentation. I was looking at the API reference at your website, but there is only GET method for positions

Anton Tananaev4 months ago

2) Your device should come with some sort of a manual with details on how to configure it. You just need to find the right port in Traccar.
3) Yes, but there's not as much incentive for us to do it. If you are interested in sponsoring this work, happy to chat.
4) It's not an API. It's one of the protocols. (