StartUp Business Inquiry

Techstrom10 months ago

I have 20 cars as Taxi model. I want to track my vehicle using GPS. I have some questions to clarify myself

  1. Which server best for to takecare Over load senario. Also it should be user friendly
  2. How much exact cost it will cover for one month for 20 cars.Can you please provide brief details about it.
  3. Let me know which device model you suggest me to buy from china. Because we can get it low price with reasonable quality.
  4. Also we are looking high accuracy device. Our services mostly cover in hills areas,rural areas, etc..
  5. Source Code:
    Its 100% customizable code. We can edit what we want? OR we depend on you?
Anton Tananaev10 months ago

1) Any VPS server would work just fine. We recommend DigitalOcean because we use it and it's the most user friendly interface for beginner.
2) Cheapest VPS should be enough for a small server.
3, 4) We don't have official recommendations, but you can search forum to see what other people recommend.
5) Source code is open. You can modify anything you want.

Techstrom10 months ago

Let me know how how much expenses will take maximum...

Techstrom10 months ago

that mean covered per month

Sever Cost??

Techstrom10 months ago

so we will plan our budget accordingly

Saqib10 months ago

Techstrom: I think DigitalOcean 5$ per month VPS package will be enough for 20 devices.