Traccar client does not update location

Arseny Novikov 2 months ago

Hi Anton.
I have an issue with Traccar client. After installation, I changed the server to a new one ( and User ID to 1c4ca4a.
Then I switched on client. After that every 5 minutes I get the same request (same latitude and longtitude), but I walk with my phone by street.
What I made wrong?


Anton Tananaev 2 months ago

It probably means that your server doesn't send an acknowledgement.

Arseny Novikov 2 months ago

This is example of request×tamp=1526385727&lat=55.5865778&lon=37.5496674&speed=0.0&bearing=0.0&altitude=0.0&accuracy=744.0&batt=73.0

Response is OK (Content-type is text/plain)

My problem is Traccar client send always same coordinates to server. Client don't change coordinates inside request but change battery level.

Anton Tananaev 2 months ago

That's not a request from Traccar Client.

Harsh P 18 days ago

Hi Anton,
Using same thread for similar problems. I have been getting the updated location for sometime then all of sudden next update happens after an hour or so and then regular updates at configured frequency. At the moment the frequency is configured as 300 (seconds or 5 minutes). In an interval of say 6 hours at least there are few occasions where updates are sent after an hour (this is random). When i debugged using Android Studio the PositionProvider to TrackingController all seems ok, but I did not debugged continuously for 6 hours though.

Position logs

Anton Tananaev 18 days ago

Possibly app was killed or suspended by the system for some reason.

Harsh P 18 days ago

This is happening frequently after some interval. There is hardly any issue with memory consumption of this app, but do you think that could be any possible issue?

Anton Tananaev 18 days ago

There are a lot of factors:

  1. What accuracy is set up in the app?
  2. Is network connection always available?
  3. Which location providers are enabled in the system?
  4. Is GPS signal available all the time?
Harsh P 18 days ago

Sorry I really don't have precise answers for all above cases.

one more question - if the network goes down, the location will be stored in SqlLite db and when network is back all stored locations will be sent again and db will be cleared, right?

Anton Tananaev 18 days ago

That is right for GPS, but not for network-based location.

Harsh P 15 days ago

I found some article about LOST Location Apis - this is for randomness about the Location Updates. So one suggestion is to use the Alarm Manager/Job Schedule to overcome the randomness.

Bit of side question really, may be i should start new thread for this - "Mapzen Shutdown" will it impact about the Maps and does Traccar Manager would needs to be migrated to another services?

Anton Tananaev 14 days ago

Location update randomness is coming directly from Android platform, as far as I understand.

As for shutdown, it's an old story. I have already contacted them and they assured me that lost library is still supported. We don't use anything else from Mapzen.

Harsh P 14 days ago

Thank Anton