Tracking person movements

Unknown User5 months ago

Hi Guys, Team and Anton,

I would like to know how to track a registered device(person) in real-time in my traccar server, I tried changing the frequency from 300 to 60 in the traccar client app and I am still not satisfied with the output, I saw the post regarding on the movements, and other stuff regarding on the distance, etc. but I did not understand it, Do you have a working config for traccar service or something that will track in real-time?

Anton Tananaev5 months ago

What are you not satisfied with? Frequency of updates?

BerndFfm3 months ago

In my app I have an update intervall of 10 secvonds.

The web interface works with web sockets and has less then 1 second delay.

So I can see the devices where they were 10 seconds ago.

More often is a challenge for the traccars server and for your traffic.

"Real time" is only possible if you connect the app with sockets. You have to change the app and the traccar server for this.