example of message in teltonika

Rock2 months ago

Hi!! Has anyone been able to send GPRS messages to an FMC with CAN-CONTROL? Could you share an example of a custom message with the text in code12? I am struggling with the opening and closing of doors!!!
From already thank you very much!

Pete2 months ago

Hi Rock,

Make sure your devices are communicating over TCP.

Then select device>command>command type "new">DONT tick the "Send SMS" box>Type "Custom"> Then in the data tab enter the sms comand you wish to use and select send. No need for you to convert to code12.

In your case use below:

Link to FMC command below.

Rock2 months ago

Thank you very much for the complete answer! Should I get some response, like an event? Again thank you very much!

Juan Sánchez2 months ago

Well, I try it with a simple “battery” command that have to return the battery status. No result. Tried with and without user/password.

Double checked that device is only tcp (sms sending, blocked)